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6/4/07 1:16:56AM
Hey, just thought i'd introduce myself.

My name is Towely, im 18 years old and currently training in Goju Ryu Karate but im heavily concidering switching to train MMA at Duke Roufus's gym. Im brand new to the MMA scene though. It looks like fun but its soo gosh darn violent...
6/4/07 6:46:53PM
Are you from wisconsin
6/4/07 6:54:09PM
guiz im so hai right now... omggg... yall wanna go get hai?
6/4/07 7:18:57PM
I'm glad you are here. I always wondered what goju ryu would be like. I heard that Mas Oyama used it as a basis to kyokushin aswell as shotokan.
6/5/07 12:47:20AM

Posted by shocktek

Are you from wisconsin

Yes I am. Around the milwaukee area.
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