Heun details issues with UFC's insurance policy

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1/5/14 1:48:00PM
The UFC's insurance policy appears to not want to cover athletes getting surgery needed to prolong their careers, a least in the case of Conor Heun's struggles.

1/5/14 1:51:19PM
all insurance company's try to get out of paying anything if they can.
1/5/14 1:53:32PM
Trying not to be insensitive here, but welcome to the world of insurance. This is nothing new and it's certainly not limited to the UFC's insurance provider. Sounds like more of a communication issue.
1/6/14 1:23:21AM
Connor heun is in the ufc ???
1/6/14 8:20:57AM
To be honest, this guy should be thankful the UFC helped him out at all. He states clearly that the injuries occurred before Strikeforce was bought. He never fought for the UFC and the procedure the policy didn't cover was preventative and not for an injury sustained in a fight. It's a tough piece of bad luck but it seems like he tried to milk the system and got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
1/6/14 9:24:54AM
Well so far they've paid for $200k of your surgeries and you've given them
2 Main card fights. 2 prelims. And you've gone 1-3.

To be honest I don't think you've been worth 200k so far. Not exactly raking in the fans...