Why is K1 Heros in Secondary League?

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9/12/07 1:59:06PM
This is absurd if "MMA" Playground is only for UFC in primary league. I agree WEC, IFL, Cage Rage, etc should be secondary as they don't have that many top fighters, but Heros has a ton of top fighters. It should be in primary league. Why isn't it?
9/12/07 2:05:05PM
man, the primary league is for ufc only now,

i dont know why we should have k1 event event with ufc event !!

k1 is perfect for secondary league and should stay there !!!

9/12/07 2:12:06PM
If K-1 had announced all their fights a little earlier, I do think that this one could have been in the main league as well. The problem is that it wasn't until today that the official K-1 site and MMAWeekly confirmed that the Kharitonov vs Overeem bout and the Manhoef vs Silva fight, and the K-1 Hero's events aren't as readily accesible to the majority of our users to be viewed live (or even viewed at all), which sucks the wind out of the sails a little bit.

Without those bouts, yes, there are several well-known names there (Caol Uno, Sakuraba, Kid Yamamoto, Shaolin among others), all of which are the obvious heavy favorites though. Pride was great to include in the main league because you could watch on PPV and most internet savvy MMA fans were well aware that Pride fighters rival UFC fighters in terms of skill (although, this topic came up so many times that Hippy had to sticky it!).

I do agree though, we could deffinitely use some ammunition in the main league to prevent this site from becoming "UFC Playground". As always, we are open to suggestions
9/12/07 4:48:44PM
i dont think that many ppl watch k-1 as much as UFC anyway so i think its good its not
9/12/07 8:05:44PM
How is K-1 Heroes even considered a primary MMA league right now? A lot of the top fighters on that card have hit walls against more elite competition that is fighting in the UFC right now. Kid Yamamoto may be a pretty damn good fighter, but his record is littered with bad fighters with a few exceptions. A few more choice signings, and hopefully a US pay per view deal, and I'd definitely put it up for a run at competing with the UFC and in MMAPlayground's primary league. Give it a few more shows.
9/12/07 10:15:38PM
Yeah I like K 1 but the new fans will not have a clue on what they are doing

Your thread is Props Worthy
9/12/07 10:26:45PM
it just doesnt have the publicity.im a mma regular,and recognize the big names on this heros card,but its the first ive heard of it.and really,id love to watch it,b ut,im just not that interested either.not to mention,its k-1,not exactly mma.that should answer your question in itself.
9/13/07 7:45:48AM

Posted by enemyofmany

not to mention,its k-1,not exactly mma.that should answer your question in itself.

How is is K1 Heros not exactly mma

But yeah it's not as easily accessible or with enough fans, but just because not a lot of people watch it does not mean its not a top MMA organization with top fighters that affects the entire MMA world.

The next UFC fight night has about zero top fighters. And yet its still primary league.

Hopefully we will see Heros in primary soon, that would be great.
9/13/07 8:28:41AM
Clearly whoever said it wasn't MMA doesn't do any research. K-1 Heroes is MMA, it's an offshoot of the original K-1
9/14/07 11:16:19AM
Give it a little more time...they still growing.
9/14/07 6:32:55PM
i thought it was kickboxing.
9/15/07 1:57:34PM
K1 i s a secondary league because the UFC is First. LoL
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