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10/8/08 2:49:11PM
Ive got like a constant pain like inbetween my stomach and man parts, slightly to the left, it seems slightly swollen and it hurts most when im sitting upright on a chair or whatever, or walking. I realise i should get it checked out anyways, but if its nothing im not having my doctor fondling that area for nothing, the guys a weirdo. Ive tried looking it up but most places are pretty unspecific as to where the pain is and stuff. Also, it it is a hernia, and i dont go to the doctors, what will happen?
10/8/08 2:53:16PM
Hernias on
10/8/08 2:53:33PM

Posted by Aaronno9

Also, it it is a hernia, and i dont go to the doctors, what will happen?

Something will begin protruding from your leg......
10/8/08 3:29:25PM
No, but my son did when he was born. In both his bellybutton and groin. You should see a protrusion either above your manhood or from your gooch/taint. Good luck with that man.
10/8/08 5:45:50PM

I had my left nut pull into my body and I didn't tell my parents for like a week the Dr. said if I went another week good by lefty
I say go get it looked at right away
my dad said I used to beat it too much I did know you could
10/8/08 8:24:26PM
I think it depends from hernia to hernia. I have a friend that had one and he said it bothered him for a while before he got surgery to fix it.

Seriously, if it hurts to just sit up, you should get it checked out and fixed.
10/8/08 8:30:47PM
Couldnt tell you what it feels like, i had an operation on my hernia when i was 4.
I actually asked my dad the other day, he said 1 of my testicles was drooping much more than the other.
Also i see a scar basically above my penis im sure you would feel it more in the groin area.

Dont mean to be so personal, but trying to help
10/8/08 8:33:06PM
Theres tons of different kinds of hernia. I'm not sure about the exact area, but with medical conditions like that, its best to compare it to the other side of the body as well. Do you have something similar on the right that you never noticed? The area you pointed out sounds somewhat like an abductor, which can get messed up surprisingly easily and feels sort of like a rubbery ball inside your inner thigh.
10/8/08 11:11:36PM
I had a hernia a few years back. I had a little bulge start poking out around my pelvic region below the stomach. Basically just a small tear in the muscle and your insides start to protrude from it. If it's not taken care of the tear can become wider and you could develop an infection. It's nothing serious right away but I'd get it checked out. Surgery took about an hour and I was up and walking around after a few days. No problems since
10/9/08 12:45:09AM
I've had 4. The last one a year ago. They don't always protrude out, it could be a sports hernia(need a sports doctor to diagnose) and they can also bulge in wards. The last one I had was an inward type, it hurt like hell but the doctor kept saying "no bulge" so I wen't to an ultra sound tech, he wen't over it once and said, "theres the hernia". Make sure you get some sort of 100% solution to it, I was in pain for two years before they finally checked. Hernia's can cause a ton of problems and if you leave them untreated they could severly hurt you.
10/9/08 6:22:03AM
Ok, thanks guys, i guess ill go get it checked out. i havent been to a doctors in over 10 years now so i guess i should probably be getting checked out anyways.