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12/20/10 7:59:22PM
Fought last night

they announce Hermes as the winner, local boy refuses to put his hands down until they change the result and give him the belt

here is what the Sherdog representative who was at the event had to say

"Hermes got ripped of tonight. The judges gave it 10-9 for every round, told the ref Hermes won so he lifted Hermes hand, then the promoter ran in and told them to give the belt to Ferrid. I even saw the actual score cards, all rounds went to Hermes. The ref had a disgusted look on his face and refused to raise Ferrids hand.

Its some major sketchy drama but this truth will unfold over the next few days. I may have video of the score cards. Downloadable versions of the fight should be online tomorrow."
12/20/10 8:05:03PM
Should be noted that Ferrid Kheder, Franca's opponent is the co-owner of the show, matchmaker, promoter and main event fighter.
12/20/10 8:27:06PM
I thought this meant like robbed with like a gun.
12/20/10 8:41:25PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I thought this meant like robbed with like a gun.

This is almost just as bad.

Two side notes.

1. Fighters NEED to quit taking fights in random places for podunk promotions. I don't know how many more fighters it's going to take getting screwed before they realize that this is a really stupid idea.

2. Ferrid Kheder has just f*cked himself from ever getting another "big name" to fight for him again, hopefully.
12/21/10 5:26:34PM
Haha, it's been changed back, but someone changed Hermes Franca's Wikipedia page to say

"loss Decision (Bullshit)"

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