UFC 87 Hermes Franca vs Frankie Edgar to battle!

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6/5/08 12:57:51PM
Not sure if it was posted, but I haven't seen it.

But this fight should be non stop action. Lets hope at least!
Lets also hope Franca stays away from the needles this time!

6/5/08 1:13:12PM
Yea I saw the article the other day. I am glad a couple of friends and I picked this UFC to make a trip up to(from chicago). Hermes is a hell of a fighter and on of my fav's.
6/5/08 1:13:51PM
Hard for me to see Edgar taking this by any other way than a possible U/S D... I think Franca takes this fight rather easily, but im definitely pumped to see him back.
6/5/08 1:20:40PM
Hermes Franca by submission
6/5/08 1:42:43PM
Edgar is an animal, I think this fight will be alot closer than most think. I have to give the edge to Franca but Edgar has impressed me in past performances
6/5/08 5:18:34PM
man dont know who to support, was a big fan of franca untill the steroids that was dissapointing, and was sad to see edgars inability to stop maynard from dominating him. looking forward to seeing the fight though
6/7/08 9:13:17AM
I really hope Franca wins.
Not because I don't like Edgar, I just think he is way too small for the 155 weight class.

Maybe if he loses again he will think of moving down to WEC to challenge Faber some day.
6/9/08 11:42:21AM
franca gonna get owned. 2rd tko edgar.
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