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5/6/08 8:37:04AM
With former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk preparing for his return to active mixed martial arts competition having fulfilled his suspension after a positive drug test stemming from his successful title defense over Hermes Franca last July, it harkens wonder to what the other half of that title match is doing.

Franca, who is still currently on suspension until early July, had built up tremendous momentum heading into the fight with Sherk, having won eight fights in a row prior to the title showdown.

It appeared he could have more than a chance to fulfill his goal of Ultimate Fighting Championship champion, but was denied, losing a five-round unanimous decision to Sherk.

Shortly after the fight it was revealed that both Franca and Sherk had tested positive for steroids. Unlike Sherk, however, Franca did not deny his usage of performance enhancing drugs, thus inciting a year-long suspension.

Since then Franca has left the team he was with prior to that fight, The Armory, and has kept busy with other things in anticipation of a return to action within the coming months.

“I’ve been teaching seminars,” said the Brazilian born fighter. “I’m the head coach at Premier Martial Arts, which is all over the United States, like 50 or 60 academies, and some in Canada.

“I’m doing the jiu-jitsu program over there. So I’ve been really busy doing a seminar almost every week for two or three months.”

5/6/08 10:02:20AM
i reeeeaaaally hopes he makes his way back to the UFC, hes for sure one of my fav fighters. If he did would he still colour his hair lol? or was that an Armory thing?
5/6/08 10:07:09AM
I hopes he comes back!!!!
5/6/08 11:15:02AM
im glad his suspension is up soon. i dont blame him for what he did. he knew he was gonna get caught but he had to put food on the table. so he made a hard decision and paid the price for it.something most arent willing to do
5/6/08 1:44:15PM
I can't wait to see him on an UFC card... I would love to see him fight Mac Danzig in his return.
5/6/08 6:05:53PM
he was honest for what he did not like sherk, so why doesn't the ufc bring him back, i hope he comes back for the aug show
5/6/08 8:03:46PM

Posted by Jimbo

i reeeeaaaally hopes he makes his way back to the UFC, hes for sure one of my fav fighters. If he did would he still colour his hair lol? or was that an Armory thing?

I never thought about it, but Kurt Pellengrino also colours his hair. It may be an armoury thing.

As for Hermes, I really like him as a fighter and hope he comes back. He owned up and was honest about taking the steroids and took his punishment like a man. I also like his fighting style. It is very different.

5/6/08 10:30:16PM
I like Hermes alot. It was painful watching him lose to Sherk when Hermes was actually trying to throw and go for stuff while Sherk just shot in and sat on top of him afraid to lose position.

5/7/08 9:03:23AM
i really hope he comes back in the UFC he was def. one of my favorite fighters
5/7/08 9:37:59AM
I'll be glad to see him come back.
5/7/08 10:07:05AM
something bout him rubs me the wrong way. <--- totally pointless statement
he is a great fighter it would be good so see him back
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