Ed Herman saved career with UFC 97 win; David Loiseau's future uncertain

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4/20/09 8:33:00AM
Veteran UFC fighter Ed Herman, who entered the UFC after emerging as the middleweight runner-up on "The Ultimate Fighter 3," likely saved his UFC career with a win over David Loiseau at Saturday's UFC 97 event.

Herman topped Loiseau, who returned to the UFC for the first time in two-and-a-half years, with a dominant unanimous-decision victory.

According to UFC President Dana White, Herman would have likely been released from the organization with a loss.

4/20/09 9:11:12AM
I have to say I'm glad Herman won. I like Herman and he's an entertaining fighter. Hopefully he puts a few wins together and moves back up the rankings. I know he isn't a top tier guy. But he puts on a good show.
4/20/09 10:45:45AM
The Crow probably is and should be done. He was in his hometown and was the HUGE favorite to win in terms of crowd support. The fact that he was beat on the whole time should indicate that he shouldnt be given another opportunity. If you can`t win at home after having been gone from the UFC for a while, in your hometown then send him back to XMMA.
4/20/09 12:30:50PM
As much as I wanted David to do well in his second stint, he was absolutely dominated by a gatekeeper. I think it was indicative of the game passing Loiseau by. He hasn't really added any new elements to his game, and as we all know in MMA, if you're not getting better, you're getting worse.

Much credit to Herman, as he seemed really well prepared for David. David is known for giving up his back and reversing position, but Herman not only countered it, but seemed to really use it to his advantage.
4/20/09 1:42:09PM
i agree

but i think the crow should get one more fight why not!! jeremy horn had 3 fights
4/20/09 8:09:50PM
Right with all of you guys. I had high hopes for an illustrious return for The Crow. but he was routed by Ed herman. not taking anthing away from Herman. But he is a gatekeeper at best. Louiseu should get 1 more try IMO.
4/20/09 10:12:54PM
Just give Loiseau an opponent who isnt a strong wrestler, haha.

I think he will get another shot, but he has to win.
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