Ed Herman vs. Aaron Simpson rebooked, moved and official for UFC 102

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8/11/09 11:32:07AM
A middleweight bout between Ed Herman and Aaron Simpson takes place at the Aug. 29 UFC 102 event at the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore.

Herman and Simpson, slated to meet at UFC Fight Night 19 before a series of opponent switches briefly had them committed to other fights, now meet on the preliminary card of UFC 102.

The UFC today officially announced the fight.

8/11/09 11:38:24AM
Tough test for Aaron Simpson. This will be an interesting fight.
8/11/09 11:53:15AM
Guess I'll go with Herman Unanimous...

He trains out of the Team Quest in Oregon doesn't he? Home town advantage!
8/11/09 2:11:44PM
Interesting fight. Simpson has the better wrestling, and more power in his fists...but Herman is more technical on the feet, and has better ju jitsu.

Tough one to pick for me, but I think Herman gets the sub from his back...maybe a armbar.
8/11/09 6:49:50PM
in ed's backyard
i would rather see irvin vs goueveia or even ed vs wilson but 11 fights are better than 10 when it comes down to it, tough fight to pick
8/11/09 6:55:03PM
Pretty sure Simpson is a division 1 wrestler if I remember right, so the wrestling is either in his favor or as good as Herman, just because hes at Quest dosnt mean he can take everyone down.

Simpsons striking is phenomenal, sick footwork, awesome combinations, hes being seriously underestimated imo and I see a KO in his favor quite quickly as Herman realizes he cant strike with Simpson and probably cant take him down and if he does he should look to submit him if he can.
8/11/09 7:31:56PM
why the hell would they put this on the undercard this has one of the fight awards written all over it i wouldnt be surprised to see a ko-simpson sub-herman or fotn dec
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