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8/2/10 9:16:18PM
What's up with Herb standing them up so quickly? It's not like Ellenberger wasn't doing something, did you see Howards eye? I was getting sick of hearing "do something or I'll stand it up".

He was doing something. If Howard didn't want to be on his back he should have done something about it.

What do all of you think?
8/2/10 9:55:57PM
i thought his separations were pretty decent
8/2/10 11:18:47PM
They were a little quick for me in the first round, but maybe he saw something he didn't like. I don't think it was a real bad call, just not the one I would have made.
8/3/10 12:33:39AM
I think he was succumbing to the crowd pressure a little bit. For some reason the fans were booing during that fight about the ground game but not really in the other fights. Even though I thought it was obvious Ellenberger was putting in some work.

8/3/10 8:14:40AM
Personally I thought Ellenberger was stalling quite a bit during that fight.
8/3/10 11:37:34AM
It's the job of the fighter to improve their positions, or cause serious damage from their position. It's the job of the Referee to make sure the fighters do this, or they are stood up.

I felt like Ellenberger was stalling slightly. He wasn't improving his position, and Howard had his arms tied up fairly well. You say if Howard didn't want to be on his back, he should do something about it. Well, he did. He tied up Ellenberger. If Ellenberger didn't want to stand up, he should have gotten his arms out.

That's just my two cents.
8/3/10 6:02:40PM
Jake did all of his damage in top position so i dont see where it should have been stood up. In the middle of rnd 2 you can hear the elbow that Fd Howards face, hit him. Pretty solid performance by Ellenberger. Howards striking is way too loose to be consitantly effective.
8/4/10 11:10:37AM
ya the fans In SD where Booing a lot more then most events. I don't understand why ground game is part of the sport if the want to see stand up all the time watch boxing
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