Herb Dean to ref UFC 162's Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman headliner

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6/28/13 1:45:33PM
Veteran referee Herb Dean will be the third man in the cage when UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman meet in next week's UFC 162 headliner.

6/28/13 1:48:30PM
"Smokin" Herb Dean
6/28/13 2:42:57PM
ya mon! A good ref for when Silva puts a hurting on Weidman
6/28/13 6:33:12PM
What the Fuck!!! No Kim Winslow.
I'm upset
6/28/13 8:20:06PM
Winslow would allow Weidman to be the first homicide victim in the UFC
6/28/13 10:55:48PM
Big John should just automatically be the ref for all UFC title fights. Herb Dean is as good as it gets as well, though.
6/28/13 11:31:57PM
Herb has made a couple big errors in judgement this year, hopefully this isnt another one

Why isn't Jason Herzog doing more UFC fights? He does a great job from the fights I've seen in Bellator and his lone UFC appearance earlier this year
6/29/13 8:54:28AM
can't wait
6/29/13 1:22:13PM
You know you're an MMA fan when a referee announcement makes your day.
6/29/13 1:54:00PM
I'm down with Herb. I wanna see Yosemite Sam ref more matches tho
6/29/13 3:22:14PM
My only complaint with Herb is that he sometimes is too quick on the stoppage.
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