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POLL: Would Henry Cejudo OWN the WEC's Flyweight Div?
YES 75% (6)
NO 25% (2)
2/11/10 6:22:35PM
Henry Cejudo is the poster boy for USA wrestling(Gold Medalist @ the Beijing Olympics) One of the best to ever live they are saying. Henry is ONLY 21 years of age and would fight in the 125 lb Flyweight Div. in The WEC

What do you guys think? I picked YES, as everyone says, wrestling is the best background to start at when entering the sport of MMA.
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2/11/10 6:27:31PM
i believe he would do very well int he Fly wieght division. i don't think the fighters can deal with his immense wrestling ability at that weight, and he should be able to throw guys around like rag dolls. if he is to do this, he would have to really fine tune his striking to watch out for the occasional 'lucky strike' that could end his night early.
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