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11/14/13 3:57:52AM
I mean the last time GSP REALLY put a beating on somebody it was Fitch. Before Condit that was his last truely "thrilling" fight imo but he still outworked and outpointed Condit in usual fashion Condit just made him work harder because of hurting him.

Im asking because I remember before the Fitch fight, Fitch was saying how GSP was soft and couldnt take a punch after the Serra upset and damn did that light a fire under GSP who completely destroyed him in a master classing. Hendricks and team have stirred up contraversy by implying GSP might be doping. I read an article on Junkie where he said if he beat me the drugs beat me. Im sure junkie took the quote out of context as usual but im just saying could this light a fire under GSp and instead of jabbing or wrestling his way to victory, could he lay a beatdown on Hendricks?
11/14/13 4:43:09AM
I read that too but it looks more like Hendricks is building excuses for when he loses than actually thinking he can win. I was just saying to a friend I wouldn't be surprised if GSP came out to prove a point an ruined Hendricks. Hes easily capable and I agree with you he could be out to make a statement.
11/14/13 10:48:09AM
Headline the 20th anniversary is a big deal
Plus he is in Vegas. Vegas loves gsp.