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9/8/07 4:04:41PM
who would win i mean if henderson loses tonight he still has pride 185 title could he beat franklin or silva
9/8/07 4:08:56PM
he can beat both IMO
9/8/07 4:11:39PM

Posted by loller90278

he can beat both IMO

Definatly , Hendo has that right and if Anderson stands with him then he could eat 1, now i am not saying that Dan has better stand up , i am just saying he has a lot more power

And as far as Franklin he could win a decision or Knock him out

But if Hendo goes to a decision with Anderson , then he could loose
9/8/07 6:37:17PM
i agree he would beat both
9/8/07 11:16:51PM
I actaully was looking foward to henderson vs silva but I still thought he couldve won this fight. I just lost 1400 on henderson from his fight with jackson.
9/9/07 1:37:50AM
i think hendo would dominate both silva and rich, i would like to see him stay at 205 after watching his fight tonight, i think he can hang with and beat anybody in that weight class on any given night. I thought tonights fight was very close.
9/9/07 1:44:49AM
I think Hendo's awsome. I think he would crush Rich(sorry rich fans), and I think he would probly beat anderson, Hendo's not the kind of guy you can Ko like anderson likes to do.
9/9/07 4:45:43PM
I would love to see Hendo and Rich duke it out! I would be so freaking excited if we saw that matchup happen. Hendo by TKO if it did.
9/9/07 10:40:49PM
henderson lost to rampage (decision) he stood toe to toe with rampage. i truely believe he would beat anderson or rich
9/10/07 9:15:55AM
I think Henderson would beat Rich but Anderson would beat Henderson. Anderson has the best standup at MW and maybe even in MMA so dont even try to say Hendo would stand. Plus if anderson gets takin down he has a black belt in BJJ from the Nog brothers.
9/10/07 9:33:58AM
I think Hendo would beat Franklin but he would probably lose to silva. but it would be a hard fight for both of them
9/10/07 10:40:20AM
Hendo should definately get the winner of Franklin/Silva. I think Franklin will have a hard time with Silva so it might be Hendo/Silva. Either way, it's a hell of a match.
9/10/07 11:09:14AM
Before, I would say that Henderson has a strong advantage against Silva, but I am not too certain now.

Silva has the far superior striking while Henderson has the superior wrestling. However, Silva proved that his wrestling has improved tremendously with his performance against Nate.

Both of these fighters are strong in the clinch but in different ways. I still think Henderson has the advantage since he has a lot of heart, but he did gas against Rampage. Yet, we never really seen Silva go the distance either so he may have a problem against Dan.

Edit: Lol, oops. This is assuming that Silva beats Franklin. Henderson would probably have an easier time with Franklin than he would with Silva.
9/10/07 2:49:08PM
IMO henderson would beat franklin. Hendo vs silva is a very exciting fight for me and could go either way. If it went to a decision then hendo
9/10/07 2:56:17PM
This needs to happen very badly. If Rich can't derail the Anderson Silva train then there is no reason why Henderson shouldn't move down and compete at MW. The division is just too weak. I think all the need-to-know-this guys involved with the UFC know it, too.

IMO there are only two guys at MW that can defeat the Spider right now. Hendo being one of them, and Matt Lindland being the other.
9/10/07 4:02:48PM
I agree that he really needs to drop now that he has lost the pride 205 belt. I think the MW division is just weak compared to the other divisions, especially at the top it just doesn't have the names of the LHW, HW, or even WW divisions.
Now Rich is my favorite fighter but I think that Hendo would beat him. I do not see Dan beating Silva though. If Rich looses at 77 then I see Silva continuing to dominate that division. I mean there are no weaknesses in this guy.
I think Rich has a shot at it but if he can't do it Silva's talent along with that momentum would be near unbeatable.
9/13/07 12:58:27AM
i would only have liked to see silva vs henderson if henderson had beaten jackson, now its stupid, the weight classes arnt even the same, theres only a heavyweight middleweight and lightweight pride belts so the middleweight belt is already been done why do something stupid like that henderson have to prove it at 185 like he did at 205, id still like a hendo vs rampage rematch, i think you all agree on that
9/13/07 10:52:15PM
i think he will fight franklin and then silva.. but who knows with the way dana does things
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