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8/24/07 12:59:21AM
The more I think ahead to this matchup the more I believe that the key to the fight is Rampage's strength v. Hendo. When I look at Hendo I see a MW body. I think Hendo is going to have a real tough time against the bigger/stronger Lightheavys a la Rampage, Ortiz, Griffin and the like.

His win over Wandy, while very impressive, doesn't provide a counter argument as Wandy is not a huge lightheavy.

When Hendo has fought stronger/heavier comp. in the past, the results have been mixed at best. He has fought Big Nog three times, losing the last two. He has also lost to Arona, who is a pretty strong lightheavy. Look at what Rampage did to Arona... pure strength.

Hendo is the man. Lets hope that if my observations prove true, he goes back to MW and goes after Silva for another unification.
8/24/07 1:08:29AM
Henderson has fought Big Nog twice, and he's 1-1 with him.

Henderson would beat most 205s except for the elites, which he still would have a good chance at beating. I think Rampage will win this fight, but I wouldn't be surprised if Henderson won.

8/24/07 1:08:47AM
Wand might not be big but he's a very tough, very hard hitting LHW. He was the champ for a looooong time before he lost to hendo. If you look at wand as an example as a smaller LHW he demolished rampage twice, not to mention hanging with Mark Hunt(of course I coule give more examples). Hendo's not to small, look at all the best HW's, not giant guys, best middleweights aren't all big, I acctually think silva looks a little skinny. I personally think Hendo would give chuck huge problems, I think hendo would crush tito, would be verrrry tough for shogun to beat, I think he can fight at 205 or 185, but I think he'll go to 185 since dana will offer alot of money to get him in that div.
8/24/07 1:34:04AM
Are you saying if he loses Dana will offer him more to drop or even if he wins Dana wants him at 185. I can see the lack of talent as a reson Dana would want him at 185 but if he can have Dan running around with 2 belts that won't have to defend(Lets face it they are going to string the PRIDE may be back angle as long as they can) and the ufc LHW belt I could see Dan as the new Poster Boy. That said Shogun is a beast.
8/24/07 1:35:23AM
Yeah, I'm really surprised Hendo is having his first fight at 205. I would have figured that Zuffa would want to do all they can do to beef up the MW's. Maybe they didn't figure that Rampage was going to beat Chuck? Or maybe the Franklin vs. Silva 2 was too close to throw anything else in the mix (certainly there are no two other MW's that could hang with Hendo.. and Hendo probably didn't want to fight cans)

I could see Hendo going purely for the MW fights in the future with the amount of competition stacking up in the 205 lbs. weight class. Although I'm sure much of that rides on the outcome of this upcoming fight. As Joe Rogan would say- "The LHW division is craaaaaaaaaaazy stacked right now" I don't think there's any doubt that LHW is the pinnacle of the sport at this moment without Fedor being in the UFC. LHW is closely followed by WW, though.
8/24/07 1:36:41AM
BTW, props for posting such a good topic!
8/24/07 1:52:13AM
If henderson doesnt win, he should move down. Not because hes not capable but I want to see some more potential in the Middleweight division, not to mention Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson!!!!
8/24/07 10:37:44AM
Jackson is more adapted to lhw, also i consider henderson less skilled then jackson, so jackson will have skill and strenght advantage, but Henderson suprised me against Wanderlei so im not going to put all my money on jackson, only maybe 40% or something,
8/24/07 2:59:29PM
I don't agree that Rampage is more skilled then hendo. Anyways I think win or lose the UFC's going to try and get him into the MW div asap. If he wins they'll probly do a unifacation at 185, and if he wins there he'll rotate title defenses.
8/24/07 3:43:35PM
I honestly think Henderson is going to beat Jackson and when he does I think he can stay on top for a while.

I think he is good enough to beat Liddell and Shogun...Im not saying he WOULD beat either of them, but I am saying he COULD beat either of them. His wrestling is great and his striking keeps getting better so yeah...he can stay on top of 205.
8/24/07 10:45:22PM
Hendo is to small to stay #1 at 205.
8/25/07 12:15:24AM
obiviously not hes the champ......and i remember a guy from a lil while ago who was pretty small at 205 but was still one of the best even beating rampage!!......KAZUSHI SAKURABA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/25/07 2:40:08AM
Agree..... he should go to 185 after losing to Rampage, if that doesn't happen, I see him losing to Shogun later on anyway.....
8/25/07 3:28:14AM

Posted by Damien6663

Hendo is to small to stay #1 at 205.

8/25/07 6:34:28AM
I'm not sure if it's an issue of being too small...Wanderlei was quite "small" and stayed at the top of the Pride pile for a long time, because he had the skills to beat pretty much everyone who he came up against.

If there is one thing holding Hendo back, it's his skill set, as I really don't think he is "all that". Only time will tell though, but I don't think he'll beat Rampage, and would probably have a hard time even against Liddell!
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