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POLL: Who wins?
Dan Henderson 89% (25)
Rich Franklin 11% (3)
2/22/08 9:12:29PM
Regardless of the outcome of the MW title match i see this being Hendersons next fight.

Who wins this and why?
2/22/08 9:17:15PM
Hendo hands down he would KO "Ace" and if he couldn't stand
down goes Franklin and it would be GnP
2/22/08 9:27:07PM
yea i see hendo taking this fight, i think he would control where the fight goes, and win anywhere it goes, and i say he takes a 2nd round tko, or a decision.
2/22/08 9:48:58PM
I think Hendo's power would be to much for Franklin on the feet. If Franklin could outstrike Hendo, I believe Hendo would close the gap and his superior wrestling would take over from there. He would take it to the ground and control it there, or keep it in the clinch and control it there. It would be a good fight no matter where it ended up.
2/22/08 10:55:08PM
Great matchup if it happens. Hendo by physicallization. Franklin will try to stand and Hendo will accept and maybe clinch.
2/22/08 10:57:43PM

Posted by seanfu

Great matchup if it happens. Hendo by [b]physicallization[/b]. Franklin will try to stand and Hendo will accept and maybe clinch.

2/24/08 8:47:16AM
this is an exciting fight imo and not as one sided as a lot of people seem to think. ace is better on the feet imo, although hendo does have that right hand that is a bit of an equalizer. rich is very good at getting back up when he gets taken down and his BJJ is really pretty good which will help if dan takes him down. dan has a great clinch which worries me but it is a greco clinch so the worry is really getting taken down, not getting kneed into a bloody mess.

anyways, i cant pick on this fight i think it is too close to call.
2/24/08 9:50:09AM
Hendo has heavy hands but isn't exactly a dextrous striker. I think Rich has the advantage on the feet because he has better striking overall; better combos, more accuracy, picks his shots better, but even then Rich isn't exactly great. Hendo has better wrestling, and is for my money, a good bit stronger than Rich. He will dump Rich on his ass when he needs to, but Rich will need to be careful with the standup, he has already lost the wrestling imo, cause if Hendo connects with that big right its gonna be lights out for Franklin.
2/24/08 5:03:16PM
i like both of these guys alot... but i think hendo would win just because he has superior wrestling and would stand as long as he could and then he would take him down.
2/24/08 8:13:23PM
I've always said Rick has only been an elite MW because of his huge size advantage and his awkward striking with the size advantage, not to mention the pretty decent clinch game as long as his opponents don't know M-Thai His chin has never been that great either.

Dan is a better grappler and fights better in the clinch and Rich wouldn't have that huge size advanatage. I see Dan landing an overhand right in the 2nd that ends the fight after a 1st round of felling each out by circling or clinch fighting.

Dan 2nd rd KO
2/25/08 11:42:22AM
I like Rich way better but plain and simple it would be hendo
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