Who should Hendo fight next?

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9/7/08 2:39:03AM
Depending on okami's health status I think Hendo should have a superfight at either 205 or 185 against rich franklin or he should fight Marquardt for number 1 contender if okami is still injured

who do you think Hendo should fight next?
9/7/08 2:42:28AM
I think Marquardt is the choice for me. It seems Rich is content at LHW, Hendo vs Marquardt would be great.
9/7/08 2:44:47AM
Bisping-Leben winner.
9/7/08 3:08:06AM
Quarry, Maia, Leites. Or maybe a fight with Marquardt for the #2 or 3 slot. Cus okami is getting next shot after cote.

then there is still winner of leben/bisping.
9/7/08 3:30:04AM
he should fight leites to set up another contender
9/7/08 5:30:48AM
I think marquardt or leites and the winner gets a title shot. I'd say marquardt deserves it more. I don't think Leites would have beaten marquardt without the point deductions, regardless of the illegal knee.
9/7/08 5:57:50AM
9/7/08 7:26:24AM
rich franklin......at 205. it seems like Hendo is getting tired a whole lot quicker at 185 and is much more suitable at 205
9/7/08 10:17:03AM
he should fight Marquardt for the number 1 contender spot.
9/7/08 10:26:13AM
marquardt is an easy choice here for me too. when 2 guys in the same weight class win on the same card its a pretty easy thing to pair them up next time. BTW palhares showed an excellent chin, i guess having 2 buses parked next to his neck helped that along, and marquardt looks like a new fighter since losing to silva. 185 is starting to get interesting again.
9/7/08 1:27:50PM
Marquardt vs Hendo would be a great fight in my opinion
9/7/08 3:04:47PM
i don't care who or what weight as long it's a no.1 contender fight
9/7/08 4:26:13PM
I think the UFC has to make his next fight against Rich Franklin. There is just too much speculation among the mma community on what would happen in that fight to let it go to waste. If Rich is ready by December let him and Dan go at it at 92.
9/7/08 4:35:49PM
If Rich was at MW yeah him and Dan. But I think its not fair to Dan to have him move up and down in weight every fight. He's at mw now. I say he gets either Marquadt or winner of Bisbing/Leben.
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