Henderson vs Melendez

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POLL: El Nino or Bendo
Gilbert by Decision 6% (1)
Gilbert by KO 0% (0)
Gilbert by Submission 6% (1)
Henderson by Decision 83% (15)
Henderson by KO 6% (1)
Henderson by Submission 0% (0)
1/19/13 4:40:55PM

This fight is very similar to Henderson/Edgar same type of fight except El Nino is bigger, stronger and less mobile. It's a toss up but I won't be picking against Henderson any time soon..
1/19/13 4:42:38PM
Henderson all day long
1/19/13 5:04:36PM
Henderson is going to be too big and over whelm gil
1/19/13 5:18:22PM
IMO, It'll be a bad 4:20 for Melendez.
1/19/13 5:32:34PM
bendo is going to expose melendez and show that he doesnt belong anywhere near the top. i think benson takes it by UD 50-44
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