Henderson vs. Jackson

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8/29/07 9:01:30PM
I have got Henderson on this one, this is a close fight... i wanna know who you guys have got and how do you got him winning?

Round - Decision?
Submission - Knock out?
8/29/07 9:20:51PM
i got rampage but i dont know what round or tko/ko sub to close to tell imo
8/29/07 9:21:03PM
I think Rampage will win probly by K.O......I dont think dan can knock rampage out.When hes in good shape i dont think anyone can.he has a chin like a rock and Rampage will also have a big weight advantage over Dan the night of the fight.
8/29/07 10:57:15PM
rampage for me.
like rd 2 ko or close to this.

8/30/07 7:26:33AM
Rampage Rd 2 by TKO

Rampage will stay champ until he fights Shogun
then it will be Shogun by TKO quickly in the first round
8/30/07 8:02:21AM
I'd have to give it to Dan by KO in 4...I mean when you put the pressure on Quinton he's not the same fighter. That's why he's a bad match up for Liddell.

Dan by KO in 4 but Quinton will make it exciting
8/30/07 12:42:16PM
Rampage by KO/TKO in round 3. He'll have softened Hendo enough by then to get the kill.
9/2/07 6:19:52PM
Henderson will take out Rampage. Dan can fight and beat anyone on any given day. It will go to the ground and Dan will pound out the win.
9/2/07 6:38:19PM
rampage by UD
9/2/07 6:40:43PM
I am going with Rampage. Rampage definetly will not get KO'd. The guys chin is to good and he only loses to Brazilians
9/2/07 9:56:57PM
Hendo by UD...his wrestling is great as we know and his striking is very underrated and he may not be the most technical, but he has some serious power in that right hand.
9/2/07 10:16:05PM

Posted by babalu2720

Hendo by UD...his wrestling is great as we know and his striking is very underrated and he may not be the most technical, but he has some serious power in that right hand.

that is waht i think will happen..
but i put hendo by 4th round tko/ko just incase he does of have the method of win covered for points sake
9/3/07 12:11:24AM
I see this fight bringing the return of Decision Dan. I don't see Henderson being finished by Rampage, and am likewise not picturing Rampage going down by either strikes or sub. However, I am unsure whether Jackson can hang with Henderson in the later rounds.

Barring first round fireworks, I am betting on a controlling Henderson.
9/3/07 5:03:05PM
i'm gonna say that it is more likely that it is by decision than anything elsxe but i wont count dan out of a tko or ko
9/3/07 9:49:35PM
Henderson via decision. No doubt.
9/4/07 12:10:26AM
Hendo by 3rd TKO, I think its his turn for the UFC belt. DAN WILL WIN.
9/5/07 10:00:48PM
hendo is more technical. rampage is just a beast although lately he has been very tenative in his style which may hurt his fight.... he doesnt seem like the first guy to throw punches, he rather returns them.

having said all that.... Rampage by TKO round 1 or 2.
9/6/07 10:41:05PM
Last call everybody!

If you dont want to lose any money, please make sure your money is on Henderson. lol, if he loses, Im going to get so much flames from this post but I trust him.
9/7/07 12:43:46AM
Hendo by KO in the second.
9/7/07 11:27:57PM
Hendo's a BEAST Men. He doesn't show off , does not talk shit. The Guy knows what he's doing. I think it's his time now. Plus , I think he is going to dominate for some time.
P.S . I'd love to see him fight A. Silva. That would be a pretty even match. Technicaly Silva might be better but Hendo has got the heart and power .
F*&%k that guy is strong.
9/7/07 11:34:44PM
im gonna take rampage with a tko rd 3,if not then a decision that could go either way
9/7/07 11:36:16PM
rampage is a manimall as wee,only heavier
9/8/07 5:28:43PM
definetly rampage rampage will kill henderson, henderson aint got nutin on rampage
9/9/07 3:34:26AM
Am I the only one who got it right? I had Rampage with a majority decision.
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