Henderson-Franklin II to Headline UFC 103

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7/20/09 9:47:01PM
I wouldn't mind seeing this fight but it makes no sense. If rich wins a close rematch does this leave room for a franklin vs hendo III? Also where does this put luis cain alot thought he was fighting franklin in the main event or franklin was fighting tito. Cain is a threat but hasnt fought in a while.
7/20/09 9:56:03PM
i like the match but maybe in 2 years having them fight again in 8 months is crazy??
at least have wandy vs hendo or even franklin vs cane
this doesn't make any sense, i gotta go with hendo again though
i think the ufc might have told hendo if he wins he will get his title shot
7/20/09 10:37:07PM
Not thrilled about this match except for the fact that I get to see Hendo fight again. The only thing that makes sense to me is that Hendo agreed to this fight so no matter what the outcome he gets the next shot at Silva. Henderson has nothing to gain from another fight with Franklin. I suppose the fight will be at LHW again which is where Rich says he wants to fight and Hendo doesn't care where he fights.

With that said if Hendo comes in to this fight in the shape he did against Bisping I think he dominates to a UD. I also could see him catching Franklin and getting a TKO or KO. We'll see though.
7/20/09 10:40:55PM
i first fight didn't have a definitive conclusion so hopefully this time we fine out who is the better fighter
7/20/09 11:13:44PM
It makes no sense for a rematch, the want to give Rich a title run, so they put him against a man he lost to, a man who should be the #1 middleweight contender. This fight could determine if either of these vets will ever hold gold again. I'm excited for the fight, but it's not one I think should be happening.
7/21/09 4:29:24AM
I dont know why the UFC is giving Rich a chance to take away Hendo's earned title shot. Hendo's gettting SCREWED here. I'm pulling for him all the way though. He beat Rich once, he can do it again.
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