Henderson-Franklin II to Headline UFC 103

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7/20/09 5:34:58PM
Their first bout split the mixed martial arts community, making it obvious that they needed more than 15 minutes to settle their score. On Saturday, September 19th, UFC superstars Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin will meet again in the main event of UFC 103 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, with Henderson looking to make it 2-0 over the former middleweight champ, and Franklin trying to even things up with the former two division PRIDE champion.

And if that’s not enough, the biggest MMA event to ever hit Texas will feature perhaps the most explosive heavyweight battle of the year when one of the sport’s most feared strikers, Mirko Cro Cop, takes on Brazilian knockout artist Junior Dos Santos. Tickets for UFC 103 are on sale now.

7/20/09 5:39:25PM
Hendo wins this fight as well, strange match up...
7/20/09 5:41:24PM
I want a Hendo/Silva rematch, not this.
7/20/09 5:43:40PM
I want to hear the logic behind this match up, isn't Hendo at 185? what's going on with him?
7/20/09 5:45:43PM
Sounds like they just couldn't find a main event for 103 and this was their only option. I don't really care for it, but it if was Tito/Franklin or Hendo/Franklin as the choices, I'll take this matchup just to not have to hear Tito hype. Still it's kind of a wtf moment.
7/20/09 5:48:12PM
This is bogus!! They need to figure out what weight classes they are going to be in and stay there. This makes no sense as far as the ultimate goal of winning the belt goes. Hendo deserves the next title shot after three wins in a row and the impressive KO of Bisping. I call BS!! Does anybody know if it is at a catch weight or at LHW?
7/20/09 5:52:51PM
This is really confusing, I mean both of these guys are working towards a title shot in different weight classes whats the point of them fighting again?
7/20/09 5:55:46PM
Damn, I'd rather see Franklin fight Tito. I think Hendo should be fighting top contenders at MW to get that title shot, not Rich Franklin at 205.
7/20/09 6:00:43PM
Hendo has said that the only fight he will take at 185 is the title fight. That mixed with a need for a main event at 103 makes for a fight that really gets neither fighter anywhere. Does the winner get a shot at 185? Are both fighters gonna be at 205 now? Where would a win put either fighter in terms of 205 division?

I can't help but think there could have been better fights for both fighters.
7/20/09 6:03:50PM
Hmm...guess they were out of main events. Everyone is booked. Personally I would have liked to see a Wandy vs Bisping matchup.
7/20/09 6:07:51PM
Is this a joke?

There is no need for a rematch this close to their first match. UFC must be desperate, but I'd rather have a different match up even if it wasnt main event worthy
7/20/09 6:26:07PM
I enjoyed the first fight IMO it was back and forth the whole time the first fight didn't intreage me but after watching it Im more willing to watch(order) 2
7/20/09 6:29:03PM
Kind of a weak match up. Had this been later on, sure maybe then we could consider this..but its just been too soon. What happened with Tito? That would've made for a much better main event imo. Not that this is a bad fight, there just isn't much of a purpose for either one of them to fight again so soon.
7/20/09 6:32:24PM

Posted by ncordless

Does the winner get a shot at 185?

Since nobody wants to see Silva/Franklin 3, no.
7/20/09 6:34:15PM
That's a quick turnaround time for Hendo....seriously Hendo should have got a rematch with Anderson in Nov or Dec not a fight with Franklin in Sept.....
7/20/09 6:36:21PM
You guys are insane if you don't want to see this rematch!!!

The first match was god awful close, im a HUGE Fan of both and i actually think Franklin won the first fight but when i re-watched it i was thinking more Hendo.

This made my day, Im super pumped for this fight
7/20/09 6:39:21PM
It's not that i don't want to see it, it's just that i don't understand why this is happening?
7/20/09 6:40:43PM
Honestly what does Dan have to do to get a rematch for the title. He beat an up and comer, then Rich and then knocked the holy hell out of Bisping. This fight makes no sense. Im the biggest Henderson fan but this is confusing
7/20/09 6:41:41PM
I guess i'm agreeing with the majority here. I am not too intrigued by this match-up. Personally, I would of been very happy with a Franklin/Cane headline.

Hendo deserves the next title shot at 185. I'm assuming the winner of Marquardt/Maia will get the shot. The competition Hendo has defeated in his last 3 fights are all tougher competition than Maia and Marquardt has defeated recently.
7/20/09 6:46:31PM

Posted by Hendo67

It's not that i don't want to see it, it's just that i don't understand why this is happening?

I get what your saying, and i agree It doesnt make much Since for Hendo, but Ace is looking to win the rematch and avenge that lose.

Rich is gonna be in top shape for the rematch and Hendo looked scary good against Bisping.

I'm so excited because the first fight was awesome, and i know the rematch is gonna be even better. Fight of the year candidate for sure!
7/20/09 6:55:04PM
Henderson said that if he didn't get the title shot at 185 he wanted to fight a top guy at 205. i didn't think a rematch with Franklin would be in store. this is just kind of stupid on the UFC's part in my opinion. why not just have Franklin fight Cane? Hell, even Henderson Vs. Cane would be good to keep Hendo busy before his title shot against Anderson.
7/20/09 7:01:40PM
def too soon!!
7/20/09 7:03:11PM
very pointless match up right now . I dont want to see a rematch unless its 5 rounds .
7/20/09 7:17:08PM
Whats the point of this matchup?

It was a good fight in January, don't get me wrong, but seriously...

Its not time for a rematch...WTF?

Awful matchmaking.
7/20/09 7:19:42PM
Meh. Whats the point? I didn't feel the first match was that close, and they're both working towards different things. Say this time Rich wins a close decision, then what? Another rematch?
7/20/09 7:47:12PM

Posted by finnish_line

Posted by ncordless

Does the winner get a shot at 185?

Since nobody wants to see Silva/Franklin 3, no.

I want to see that. I'd rather have silva/franklin 3 for the title instead of a rematch of a fight that just happen.
7/20/09 7:56:58PM
Wandy vs. Hendo 3 sounds much, much, much more appealing to me.

This fight will be good again, I'm sure, but I don't really see how it applies Franklin should be fighting Luis Cane, and Hendo should be fighting Wandy. Unless the UFC just doesn't want to see Wandy take another loss.
7/20/09 7:59:33PM
I can see why Rich wants a rematch - The first fight was very close and he had Hendo in trouble before the eye poke towards the end when Hendo was tiring, and if he wins hes just beaten to legends and dominant pride champions in a row. It'll put him towards to the top of the 205 pile for sure.

I just cant understand whats in it for Dan? I felt for sure his next fight would be a number 1 contender match with cote or okami, or a direct rematch with Anderson. If he wins, he stays in the same position hes in now, and if he looses its a chance for the UFC to feed Anderson somebody else while Dan waits for the third fight with Rich.

Doesnt make sense at all from a Hendo point of view.
7/20/09 8:25:21PM
wow, this matchup does nothing for me, i guess all of franklin's bitchin paid off. thank god there are a few more interesting fights on this card.
7/20/09 9:46:59PM
Pretty disappointed in this fight. I would much rather see both these guys fighting anyone besides each other. They just fought six months ago, and while it was a close and entertaining fight the first time, I was expecting something else. And I'm not even sure what I expected, but it wasn't this.

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