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5/23/07 11:22:33PM
Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin / Who would win ?
5/23/07 11:29:36PM
Dan by anything he wants man.:) He's on a whole other level at everything save striking, and even then his defense is decent and he still has bricks for hands.
5/23/07 11:50:03PM
Gotta go with Dan on this one but I'd really be interested in a Henderson-Silva matchup, too.
5/24/07 12:29:42AM
Yah I would go with Dan winning, too. But I think it would be a tough, long fight. I think it would go until Dan hit Frankling clean and then it would be over.

I don't like Franklins chin ...
5/24/07 12:51:25AM
I would definitely go with Henderson. IMO, he is a really under appreciated fighter. He has great submission defense, one of the best chins in the game, some of the most dominant wrestling at his weight and very heavy hands. I like Franklin but I just don't see any way he could win it. Of course I also have to add the cop out answer of: It's MMA and anything can happen though.

5/24/07 1:07:20AM
It is hard to pick Rich against any of the true top contenders. When you start talking about guys like Dan, Lindland, Nate M., and Anderson the only real advantage Franklin has is his size, and cardio. Hell I would even pick Ivan Salaverry over Rich if he comes back the same fighter he was when he left.
5/24/07 1:16:02AM
i pick rich....reason: Henderson=Overrated
5/24/07 1:36:36AM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

i pick rich....reason: Henderson=Overrated

Holding two belts at the same time? KTFO out of Wanderlei?

Overrated...I think not.
5/24/07 1:53:26AM
Henderson is easily one of the most underrated fighters, so that makes little to no sense.
5/24/07 3:30:49AM
Henderson has better chin, wrestling, groundgame, experience, heavier hands. Dan by KO.
5/24/07 9:43:53AM
Man, people might not take this post seriusly becosue im a rich fan, but after seeing dans fight with wanderlie (which is why most people think hes an amazing striker) i think rich has better striking hands down. Dan might have heavier hands but his technique is nothing special at all. I dont think hes under or over rated, but i definatly think after the anderson fight rich has become very under rated. I remember before the anderson and wandy fights, alot of people were saying rich could take dan, and i think alot of opinions in this thread are being based on those to fights. That being said, rich, rd3 sub.
5/24/07 9:58:43AM
Have said that, richs somtimes suspect chin, and hendos heavy hands could spell disaster for ace...
5/24/07 10:16:33AM
im going for Rich, i think his striking is a little better then hendo's... just my two cents
5/24/07 11:26:30AM
Dan Henderson...

Taking nothing away from Rich... I do think Franklin is the more technical striker, but Hendo could impose his ground game on Ace and nullify the only advantage Rich really has, or catch him with a big punch. It'd be a good fight though...
5/24/07 1:07:44PM
henderson 1st round ko
5/24/07 3:02:04PM
I don't see how Rich could win that fight. Dan by decision.
5/24/07 9:55:55PM
Dan Henderson no doubt. Franklin is good, don't get me wrong....but Hendo is on a whole 'nother level, and he would run right through Franklin.
5/24/07 11:26:31PM
5/24/07 11:47:32PM
care to explain ? everyone else picked Hendo
5/25/07 12:45:42AM
Hendo would take Ace down and control him from the beginning for the whole round every round til he stopped it.
5/25/07 7:34:59AM
Hendo leaves himslef open for subs. As soon as Hendo threw one of those ridulously wild shots and missed a striker as crisp as Franklin would be able to give him a few pretty hard shots and most likely rock the f*** out of Hendo and then go in for the KO.
5/26/07 9:34:18PM
The question should be,,,Anderson Silva vs. Henderson.

Anderson by Descision
11/20/07 5:31:23PM
Rich Franklin split decision
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