Henderson's Next Fight In The Courtroom?

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9/12/08 10:14:12AM
Dan Henderson this week filed a lawsuit against MMA Authentics, a California-based clothing company, claiming breach of contract. The lawsuit stems mainly from royalty payments Henderson claims the company owes him from a contract signed in '07 but has not yet paid.

9/12/08 10:27:39AM
It sucks you have to get after these companies to get your money, but Hendo's gotta stay on the grind and get his paper.
9/12/08 10:45:21AM
Hendo by Rd 2 KO
9/12/08 4:04:02PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Hendo by Rd 2 KO

can't say i disagree with that
9/12/08 5:35:56PM
You guys are crazy its going to be Hendo UD if anything!
9/13/08 12:20:45PM
Hendo third round Tko, Any idiot can see this
9/13/08 7:06:00PM

Posted by bullettdodger

You guys are crazy its going to be Hendo UD if anything!

hahahahahaha nice

i agree with most of the statements.. that is his livelyhood and nowadays... big named fighters are not only fighters, but businessmen..

push on hendo and shame on that company for using a fallin marine to fight against hendo..

i'm a marine doc and i've lost marines.. in my hands.. if i could get away with it.. i'd burn there HQ down with them inside.. **** them
9/13/08 10:32:04PM
WAR HENDO!!!!!!!!! Fledgling companies that dont pay are shite.
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