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POLL: Who would you like to see Henderson Fight Next?
Re-match with Wanderlei 6% (2)
Shogun 81% (26)
Filho 6% (2)
Misaki 0% (0)
Other 6% (2)
2/26/07 7:28:48AM
Henderson is now the champion of two weight divisions in Pride, who would you like to see him fight next?
2/26/07 7:39:27AM
its too obvious who people want him to fight next...
2/26/07 8:12:42AM
That is shoguns belt Hendo is just holding it for him.
2/26/07 9:29:21AM
Wandy said already that he has no problem iwth shogun having the first shot.

In some ways, it's better. Wandy held the title for so long that if anyone deserves an immediate rematch, it's him. But he needs a break after back-toback KO's. Shogun has paid his dues in the shadows long enough
2/26/07 10:46:38AM
I would love to see Henderson vs. Anderson Silva. Not going to happen, but would be great. I don't think Hendo could match up with Chuck, but I do think him vs. Silva would be a great match.
2/26/07 11:49:15AM
His status as the welter-weight champion of Pride feels a lot more questionable than his MW belt.

He won a controversial decision against Bustamante and lost to Misaki who despite a loss, won the WW GP and who later on lost in convincing fashion against a guy making his second fight at that weight.

If he would beat Filho, he would be the undisputed champ at that weight IMO.
2/26/07 11:59:42AM
More then likely I'd say Shogun but it depends on how long Hendo's hand takes to heal up. Shogun might have to fight again in between then and now and who knows what could happen.
2/26/07 12:43:43PM
I picked Shogun because that is the fight that I most want to see...

But I guess it depends which belt he defends first... So

MW - Rua

WW - Filho
2/26/07 1:26:18PM
Filho or Shogun

it might be easier for him to fight Shogun 1st based on his current weight
2/26/07 4:43:28PM
danny should fight shogun for the MW and filho for the WW. he will probably lose both matches but they deserve their shots.
2/26/07 8:32:54PM
I think Wandy deserves the next shot by virtue of holding the belt for so long, but I would rather see a Shogun/Hendo fight. I think he'll be out 4 to 6 months with a broken hand anyway and should defend his 183 lb. belt first anyway. Masaki is out now so I think Kang/Filho should fight again while he's healing for the right's to #1 contender.
2/26/07 8:45:45PM
Although I would love to see a rematch ASAP.
I'm a huge Hendo fan, but that heavier belt may really belong to Shogun.
Say Silva gets a rematch, and wins. Does Shogun ever get a title shot then????
Shogun deserves the title shot while its in the hands of a non-chuteboxer.
2/26/07 10:09:29PM
Shogun, he's earned the right to fight for the title and I think the fight would be an excellent main event. *cough* Shogun by TKO *cough*
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