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POLL: who should be the odds favorite in henderson edgar 2?
edgar 10% (3)
henderson 69% (20)
the odds should be even 21% (6)
3/10/12 1:48:21AM
i just read that edgar is the betting favorite in the rematch


what do you think about this? i don't even think the last fight warranted a rematch, but i really don't think henderson should be the underdog in it.
3/10/12 2:05:14PM
I'd be inclined to pick Bendo based on the 1st fight but if there ever was a fighter i dont wanna bet against in a rematch, it's Edgar
3/10/12 3:34:04PM
I guess since edgar fairs well in rematches that makes him the favorite but I don't think he could do much better than he did in the first fight. He just seems to run into the problem that ben is just too big for him. I predict ben henderson wins by decision again and edgar drops to featherweight
3/10/12 6:44:29PM
Bendo should have opened as the favourite, but I'm still picking Edgar to beat him
3/11/12 12:20:54AM
It's probably Edgar's history of improving leaps and bounds between rematches.

Personally, i had Edgar winning the first, so i agree with him being the favorite.
3/11/12 12:48:30AM
Cant believe I was swayed to Ddgar in the first fight.. but yeah Bendo should be the favorite as he should win again, probably another close fight 48-47 and 49-46 type score cards in favor of Bendo.
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