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4/1/08 3:03:15AM
With Dan being 0-2 in the UFC will the matchmakers give dan a couple of fights to get some wins under his belt, or do you think they will continue putting him up against top fighters within the division, and try to give him another crack at Silva? I wouldnt mind seeing Hendo vs Franklin, barring Franklin beating Lutter. What other matchups do you think would be good for Hendo to keep him in the mix.
4/1/08 3:07:16AM
I'd like to see him face Horn, then Franklin.
4/1/08 3:08:48AM
Well actually Dan is 2 - 2 in the UFC. But i doubt they will give him a can. He lost to the champion in each of his weight classes. He didnt come out and put on a poor performance against a can so we'll continue to see him fight top competition. Franklin vs Hendo makes the most sense but since Franklin is fighting soon id say Marquardt vs Henderson or Okami vs Henderson
4/1/08 3:11:22AM
My mistake. 0-2 since returning to the UFC.
4/1/08 5:16:22AM
hendo vs. franklin would be a top fight, maybe leben or okami
4/2/08 4:33:28AM
I would like to see him go back to the LHW division and see him fight like Chuck or Machida or or jardine.
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