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4/15/07 4:49:30PM
Hey im new here and just wanted to say hi seems everyone is doing it so i thought i should to. From Canada and just put down 500 on Werdum :D
4/15/07 4:55:52PM
Oh im also looking for a camp, i have watched UFC since 2003 and have alot of knowledge, i also train Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai myself so i am very knowledgeable of the mma world :D, I am not really a fan of one particular person although i love Werdum Cro Cop Fedor is a great fighter but not to exciting, Chuck shogun etc... if you wanna see my favorite fighters just check out my top 10 lists. I started watching Pride around the Renzo vs Sakuraba fight
4/15/07 7:00:26PM
where form canada are you from?
4/15/07 7:26:46PM
Manitoba, why?
4/15/07 9:23:57PM
4/15/07 10:43:59PM
Thanks anyways man im In Punishment now
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