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8/9/12 9:40:35AM
Hello from The Netherlands. I saw this charming advertisement on mmamania http://www.mmamania.com/2012/8/6/3222924/calling-all-broke-ass-pussies-free-pool-invitation

So i thought let's give this a try
8/9/12 11:37:35AM
Welcome to the site

You'll like it here, lots of MMA knowledge ( not by me ) but most everyone on here knows their shit when it come to MMA. Hope to see you around
8/9/12 12:24:06PM
Welcome! Just remember not to take anything here too seriously. It's a playground!
8/9/12 12:35:45PM
Welcome friend! Great to have a new member. I've always wanted to go to the Netherlands! I believe that's where the brewery for my favorite beer, Delirium Tremens is located.

Have any favorite fighters, redbull?
8/9/12 12:52:26PM
Welcome, good luck with the picks and wagers.
8/9/12 1:17:29PM
8/9/12 3:14:49PM
Welcome to the playground.
8/9/12 3:16:41PM
Welcome to the site.
8/9/12 3:45:40PM
Glad you joined up
8/9/12 3:47:38PM
Welcome to the PG.
Best move I made was joining this site. Loads of fun and very informative.
8/9/12 5:43:55PM
Hup Holland Hup

Welcome brother

I was born in Canada but my grand parents are from Amsterdam
8/9/12 5:46:44PM
greetings! how's the horsemeat over there?
8/9/12 8:38:59PM
That is a Belgian beer, the southern neighbours.

Well, i am Dutch, so Overeem, Struve, Michael Kuiper and other Dutch fighters come to mind off course. There are not a lot of Dutch fighters in the big league so i'm glad to see the ones that are.

I've actually got the chance to interview Marloes Coenen for a school project. She is very cool, so she has a special place as far as favorite fighters go.

Then there other fighters I love like Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman, Shane Carwin, Mark Hominick, Brad Pickett, Dan Henderson, Cain Velasquez, Chris Leben and Gray Maynard.
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