Hello friends.

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5/22/10 3:04:50PM
Hello. I'm wolf and obsessively watch MMA. Background info on me ;

Hate TUF and have never watched any season other than the Jackson/Evans one. KOTC talent meets "The Real World"...think I'll pass.

Saw Bonnar vs Griffin for the first time this year. That my friends is far from the best fight ever.

I spend too much on UFC PPVs. I ordered every Affliction event.

Former Pride-fanboy.

Favorite fighters - Wandy, Shogun, Machida and Fedor.

Interesting tidbit - Tito Ortiz apologist who often feels people personally dislike Tito so they underrate his career and accomplishments. #2 goat at LHW behind Chuck Liddell.
5/22/10 6:40:17PM
I actually liked Tito because he is, well, I don't want to say an Alum because he never graduated, but let's use that term for the sake of posterity, an alum of my University. Cal State Bakersfield doesn't have too many studly alumni so I'll take Tito. We do have Stephen Neal, though.
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