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1/17/07 8:16:33PM
Hey everyone! I am a huge fan of MMA and I'm an even bigger fan of playing fantasy games. Before the UFC took their fantasy game off I was a frequent vistor there but I was sad when it was taken off. I'm glad I found this place and I'm looking forward to a some trash talking and a great season.
1/17/07 8:23:59PM
Welcome. This site is gonna make MMA even better for the fans. Being able to pick fights and win coin is gonna make people study all the fighters and not a select few.

Again, welcome and enjoy.
1/17/07 9:18:31PM
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing how this goes.
1/17/07 9:25:45PM
What part of CA?
1/18/07 10:05:06PM
San Diego
1/19/07 1:15:57AM
There's supposed to be an get together in North County next month if you want to come.
1/20/07 7:16:57AM
cali is in the house welcome to the camp and the site, black mamba for life!!!!!!!!
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