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7/5/07 1:26:48AM
Hi! I've actually been with the site for about 4.5 months now but never really posted. I feel that its great to finally have a sport to call my own (was never really into much else). But more recently this past year, after seeing the Fight Nights on SpikeTV, I have had an increasing urge to learn about all things MMA. I love the techniques and styles of fighting, I love to see the determination and warrior spirit in the fighters, and I love to see the stategies employed in defeating ones opponent. I feel as though I enjoy the sport on a higher level; most non-fans only see the "brutality" or "barbarism" of the sport. But I see so much more. I am fascinated by it and am proud to be a follower!
I still consider myself pretty ignorant to the sport as a whole, such as the fighters, certain styles, and of course the names of moves but I still enjoy every fight.

PS- I love you all, for real.
7/5/07 7:15:04AM
Well, glad to see you finally made a post, not just a pick!
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