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7/1/07 10:49:54AM
Just wanted to let all of you know that I recently joined the site. have been posting for a while, but still, this is my formal intro.
7/1/07 9:07:39PM
Welcome aboard. Unique avatar.
7/1/07 11:23:58PM
Yeah, its tattooed on my back, so I go with it :) Nothing like a crucified baby demon to scare the kiddies..
7/2/07 5:28:53PM
LOL, I thought it was a Goblin head eating a foot on a flying platform with wings.
7/2/07 9:00:22PM
Looks like Dana White trying to eat the competition, lol JK !
7/2/07 9:31:41PM
Atfirst I thought it looked wierd, but my tattoo guy did some killer shading on it, so it looks more demonic IRL
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