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1/20/13 4:28:28PM
Hello everybody

I view MMA as an art and a professional commitment for those involved, not as a bloodsport or as something a group of friends learns to be able to beat people up in street fights.

I've been a MMA fan since the very beginning of the UFC (though more of a bloodsport mentality back then). My friends had regular sparring sessions and they all had various training in martial arts. The top dog of my group was the son of a Navy Seal Vietnam Veteran who would only show his son how to fight, and refused to show anyone else in the group.

I was more on the analytical and admiration side of things. I have often been the go-to guy among my friends for breaking down fights, as I am completely objective and exceptional at noticing details. That's why I enjoy watching fighters with world class skills. They are so impressive to watch.

What makes me admire a fighter...

-High skill level
-Crisp clean technique, but also crude aggressive brawling if it compliments a fighter's overall style and abilities
-Underdog that routinely beats the odds
-steep learning curve... each fight being more impressive than the last

Fighters I suggested to be added: Francis Carmont, Anthony Njokuani

P.S. I can read lips at the end of fights to see what they are saying to each other away from the microphones
1/20/13 8:45:41PM
Welcome, you seem like a fight lover
1/20/13 9:13:15PM
Welcome Shaman! You joined the right site at the right time! The Primary League and Secondary League seasons of picks and wagers just started.
1/20/13 9:50:15PM
Welcome to the PG

Hope you join in on the fantasy game but also in the discussions in the Forum
1/21/13 2:32:24AM
You seem solid and very un-trollish...welcome aboard!
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