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5/16/07 5:22:58PM
Just a hello to all!
Im hear more to read and gain knowledge on mma.
Been in to mma for about 5 years,im more of a ufc fight fan and hav'ent missed a ufc in the past 3 years, so i know a bit about ufc.
Hope to speak to u all soon and to read your post's.

ps: Hoping to join the Bravo fight camp...
5/17/07 1:55:19PM
Hi gml07,

Welcome to MMAPlayground, hopefully you will find everything here to be fun, and in good nature. I see you are hoping to join the Bravo Fight Camp.....if that doesn't happen we could always use more recruits in Sho'nufs Black Belt Jones Academy.....give it some thought. Well other then that there isn't too much to say except I look forward to you participating in the forums, and hopefully I'll find myself in a wager or two with you.
5/17/07 6:43:19PM
go to team UFC..... IF U LOVE UFC MAN!!!
5/17/07 7:52:08PM
Thanks, but im going to stay loyal to the Bravo gang! Sorry.
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