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3/21/10 11:57:52AM
Just joined yesterday. I was thinking to myself, "hell, they have a fantasy game for pretty much every other sport, I wonder if there is some sort of fantasy mma," and low and behold, I am here. The community here looks like a lot of fun, and there is sure a lot less babbling and arguing than there is over at the sherdog forums (at least from what I've seen so far).

I hope to have a good time around here.
3/21/10 12:01:57PM
Welcome to the site. Yeah, we try to keep it a little more civilized here than on the Sherdog forums. Be sure to get your picks in for tonight's event...only a few hours left 'til the deadline.
3/21/10 12:03:09PM
Got them in yesterday :) (War Bones!)
3/21/10 3:15:35PM
Welcome home
3/21/10 5:55:19PM
welcome to the place to be
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