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2/23/09 5:23:47PM
Whats going on everybody.

I'm from Toronto, Ontario my favorite fighters are GSP,Fedor and Machida. Favorite hockey team is the Chicago Blackhawks (not like you guys give a rats bum) I'm looking forward to start messaging and making my predictions. Looks like a lot of fun

Thanks guys/girls
2/23/09 6:13:42PM
Welcome to the best site on earth!
2/23/09 10:38:44PM
It looks like a really fun and organized website...I hope to read and learn about as many things as possible.

You'll see my name show up in the top10 really soon
2/23/09 10:53:25PM

Posted by postman

Welcome to the best site on earth!

The best NON-porno site on earth you mean

Welcome dude
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