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4/30/08 9:18:57AM
Hi everyone.

A little about myself: I live in Glenwood Csprings, CO, which is also where I train. My gym is called the Art Of Defense, and my instructor is Pat Carmichael. I'm an amateur MMA fighter, mostly for the Battlequest promotion, and train in several arts at once. I've wrestled for 5 years, done Walt Bayless style gi-less liu-jitsu for about a year, Muay Thai for about 2 years, Boxing and JKD for about a year to supplement that. I've just started working on adding some Silat to my skill set.

I'm also a very passionate fan of MMA, and love nothing better that getting to watch a good fight, except fighting, of course.

Hope to get to know y'all better!

4/30/08 10:08:42AM
Welcome aboard, man.

Good luck with your next fight, too.
5/5/08 9:52:29AM
Welcome to the playground.
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