Hellboy ready for Aoki, welcomes Alvarez fight

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10/5/09 8:18:39PM
MMAWEEKLY.COM: You're coming into this fight following a 14-month layoff, the longest of your career. How excited are you to finally have the opportunity to get in the ring and defend your lightweight title?

JOACHIM HANSEN: I am very happy to be back again! I was actually ready to fight for a while. With Dream’s consent, I even tried to be a part of the 20th anniversary Shooto show in May. However, they could not find me an opponent at short notice so that did not happen. So the desire to fight has never gone away.

10/6/09 12:42:40AM
I cant wait to see Hellboy vs Alvarez 2. I hope that it gets put together someday.
10/6/09 1:18:30AM
and the Japanease never fail to make the impossible a reality!
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