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11/12/08 4:43:56PM
Anyone seen this movie yet, watched the first one, the second any good.
11/12/08 4:47:17PM
it pretty good for action and stoy but it just seemed to lack what 1 had but I still recomend watching
11/12/08 5:23:30PM
It's pretty cool definitely worth watching. However it's not as good as the first.
11/12/08 5:30:03PM
First one was pretty good, ill probly rent it from Blockbuster or something.
11/12/08 5:33:03PM
I didn't really like the first one, probably won't watch this one.
11/12/08 5:53:51PM
first one was good second one was OK
11/12/08 6:01:02PM
I wish the movies were as good as the actual comics...
It's to see a good book being reduce to a mere pointless action flick...
11/12/08 6:41:41PM
I thought both were really well made. And as of yesterday I own both on Blueray
11/12/08 7:29:51PM
i liked them both about the same, but for different reasons. there is a part in the second where hellboy and abe are drunk and singing love songs. hilarious
11/12/08 10:32:11PM
I was awesome. GDT outdoes himself. His mind paints beautiful pictures. It's a little more of his touch than the first, which I LOVED.

Def. worth a watch no matter your taste.

But I think it was MUCH better than Dark Knight. Hell Boy has Awesome politics, while Dark Knights was stinky, at best.

Hell Boy 2 was super.

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