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POLL: Which Fight u Wanna c the most?
Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre 35% (13)
Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar 43% (16)
Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson 16% (6)
Muhammad Lawal vs Bobby Lashley 0% (0)
Josh Barnett vs Alistair Overeem 5% (2)
Junior Dos Santos vs Brett Rogers 0% (0)
6/21/10 12:52:26PM
now 4 the big 1s :) new and improved fights!!!!!
6/21/10 12:53:55PM
id love 2 c all of them!!! but just cause i had 2 pick which 1 i wanna c the most.i went with Lesnar vs Emelianenko.
6/21/10 1:12:35PM
Alright dude enough with the abuse of adjectives. Remember, this is a place for intelligent discussion of MMA topics. Post threads with relevant titles that lead reader onto the subject within or else future threads will be deleted and you'll be warned and/or banned for trolling

EDIT: Btw the poll and asking questions like these are fine. Just try to do it non-trollishly.
6/21/10 2:52:18PM
k man im just having some fun with cool mma polls.not trying 2 make a proplem,but i think these polls r FUN
6/21/10 2:54:22PM
Also the last choice is Lyoto Machida VS The Dragon!!! LOL LOL
6/21/10 2:58:46PM

Posted by billfold9

Also the last choice is Lyoto Machida VS The Dragon!!! LOL LOL

If this is an attempted troll job, you're failing miserably, dude.
6/21/10 3:56:37PM
Okay then billfold9 if your such a big Lesnar fan, how about you wanna have an avatar bet with me?

I picked Fedor Lesnar because i know the loser will cry, i wont name names, leave it all to personal choice
6/21/10 4:09:33PM
it wasent a attempted troll job,it was just a joke which i failed at it :(. and i dont like avatar bets b cause u could put some homosexual picture as my avatar or something bcause if i won id put something horrible as yours.but i like Lesnar and carwin,but i picked Lesnar by 2nd rnd TKO. no avatar bet though.but im still 80% sure Lesnar Flys out of Vegas still the Champion. and im 95% sure he will beat velasquez.
6/21/10 4:14:06PM
it cant be anything bad thats against forum rules, thus getting me in trouble, if your confident bet on it
6/21/10 5:25:21PM
Its Funny. The obvious choice is Fedor vs Brock but im so jaded by the years of disappointment, of wanting, of debating, and of predicting Fedor vs UFC that I dont care anymore.
It has come to the point that I dont even care enough to vote in a hypothetical poll for this fight...

I chose Silva vs GSP as that is the only other super fight to choose from.

Since your having so much fun with all of these polls how about having a strictly super fight poll (which are likely/possible to happen)

Aldo vs Penn/Edgar
Penn vs GSP 3
GSP vs A.Silva
A.Silva vs Shogun

and maybe

Shields vs GSP, Milendez vs Edgar/Penn, Overeem vs Brock/Carwin

6/21/10 6:18:29PM
Brock vs Fedor would be epic. I would probably take Lesnar via GNP
6/21/10 7:15:30PM
I was kind of sad to see Duffee v. Barry didn't make this poll.

EDIT: I am moving this to the lounge since this really doesn't have anything to do with the UFC.
6/21/10 9:39:49PM
Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre This is a really good fight!
Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar OMG I would be so excited!
Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson Rampage would win
Muhammad Lawal vs Bobby Lashley Lawal would likely win, even though these two fight in different weight classes
Josh Barnett vs Alistair Overeem Alistair by ownage!
Junior Dos Santos vs Brett Rogers JDS by being faster.
6/21/10 9:41:23PM
I voted Bones and Rampage.

In all honestly I truley want to see Pat Barry and Anderson Silva match weights more than anything in the world.
6/22/10 10:45:57AM
Sadly, Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar is the mega-fight that might never happen.
6/22/10 12:14:30PM

Hella Sick New UFC poll !!!!

6/22/10 4:24:58PM
i went jones and rampage. im just not that interested in fantasy matches like lesnar and fador. plus i think lesnar would crush him. matt hughes said it on inside mma, he said fador is top ten but who's he beat in the top ten. hes the last emperor but why wont he fight alistair? i seriously think alistair would KO fedor.
7/5/10 12:20:05PM
All the way GSP vs Silva !!!!!!
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