What the hell is up with the Sean Sherk case????

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11/1/07 4:21:23AM
Dammit Octobber 31, was supposed to be his appeal....now they decide to give a ruling til Nov. 13

This is getting really annoying.........at this rate it looks like there wont be a LW title fight for UFC 79, which sucks.

I seriously want him to face Penn already.

11/1/07 5:11:52AM
They are trying to do everything they can, to give him a chance to have a clean test (on his third try) and frankly it's dirty as f*@K and completely unethical, not to mention unfair to the other fighters. Strip the guy's title, give him a fine and a 6-8 month suspension, and give him another chance when he can come back clean. This is getting ridiculous.
11/1/07 9:33:09AM
Its like the longer this goes on the worse both Sherk and the UFC look and the more I question the legitimacy of CSAC and NSAC.
11/1/07 10:34:51AM
Give him a chance to have a clean test? They aren't retesting him. He already tested positive. It's whether he can prove that supplements were the cause.

Apparently, his lawyer submitted information packets that WERE NOT distributed to all of the commission members. Because of that, they postponed it until Nov. 13th so they could all look over the data. The polygraph tests were some of the data that was gathered for the commission to look at.
11/2/07 6:03:32PM
What it is, is total Bull shite, I love the LW division and this thing is putting a grinding halt to it. Hopefully Sherk and his opponent (penn) will be ready to fight as soon as the damn appeal is through.
11/2/07 9:05:12PM
even if he gets off hes still not going to be ready to fight b.j or whoever till a few months into the new year. Its just getting silly now.
11/3/07 3:03:11AM
it will def, be nice when this is resolved
11/3/07 12:02:20PM
well penn is facing joe daddy for the title at ufc 80...so it looks like the ufc isn't waiting for sherk's stall tactics to die out
11/3/07 2:47:36PM
Sherk is lucky they are delaying his case, he may now get a real appeal and a chance to clear his name IF he is innocent, unlike Baroni who was given a half arsed appeal process and a reduced suspenion without a reduced sentance
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