Where and the hell are my post going?

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1/26/09 10:00:38PM
Where and the hell are my post going? I spend a lot of time and effort post my opinions on different topics, then when I go back to see what other people have said on the topic I realize my post is gone. What is going on? Are the mods deleting my posts, I never fighter bash and I sometimes cuss but normally I will do like sh*t or something. Does anyone else have this problem?
1/26/09 10:45:42PM
i would say they are getten pulled. or locked for the topic of the post. if deemed not ok to be on the site they will pull it.. where they poltical or relgious in any way.? or may be have a bad tone to them that might start an argument. if so ....... they where yanked or maybe you just put them under the wrong topic
1/27/09 8:31:56AM
Here's an idea...PM a mod directly instead of posting it in the wrong forum. Just a thought.

1/27/09 8:43:29AM


(Don't PM me, I don't know anything about this yet)
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