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4/22/07 1:35:47AM
If HBO can have less advertisements and not really change anything with the UFC then im all for it..

But if what the poster says is indeed true then I will have to agree with him.
4/22/07 1:55:48AM
Totally like the idea. And don't even mind the idea that they are using HBO announcers instead of UFC shills. Just gives yet another angle to the sport. We need more of a "MMA" universe than a "UFC" universe. The purchase of Pride is a good thing, don't get me wrong, but the more we get others to produce shows around our sport is a good thing. The more the sports universe recognizes MMA, instead of just UFC, is good for all.
4/23/07 2:46:58AM
I personally don't like this new relationship the UFC has formed. When I first heard they were trying to form a deal with HBO I liked the idea of free fight cards (I already have HBO), but the more I hear the more I feel this is going to be detrimental to the UFC. With the agreement that Rogan and Goldberg will not commentate on HBO events, there goes the familiar voices of reason. HBO is going to substitute their own commentators, who will most likely be boxing commentators who are unfamilliar with the sport or commentators who treat the sport like professional wrestling. Without the (mostly) detatched commentating, the sport will loose a great deal of legitimacy. Also, Dana White recently stated that the HBO events would be of higher stature than those shown on Spike TV, but of lower stature than the paperviews. Why not just make all of these events on Spike and try and draw more viewers to the TUF shows. These shows are loosing viewers and need the breath of life this could create. This is going to hurt the UFC in the long run more than any short term benefits they may see.

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