What The Hell Happened To My Old Forum???

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8/25/08 3:51:31PM
I'm banned from the site (lost a bet) so I have no choice but to post this here hoping someone can give me some answers. I know MMAFighting.net has a MMAPlayground team so I hope some of their members see this thread and will respond to the following question:

Why all the gay stuff? I hadn't browsed the site in a week or so and then one day I took a look and wow! Here's a rather extreme example of what I'm talking about:


I wonder if the above poster was a member who was getting annoyed with other members and decided to make a joke account in order to make a point?

I've posted at several sites and MMAF.net was as good as any but recently they've gone down (in more ways than one).

Is it the lack of female posters?

Did a bunch of summer romances end simultaneously leaving the dudes no choice but to look elsewhere?

Or did my exit take too much testosterone outta the place?

Anybody know?
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