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9/26/07 7:39:35AM

Most mixed martial arts fighters dream of scoring a contract to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, sometimes top ten lightweight Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen (15-5-1) wants nothing more than to get out of his.

9/26/07 10:43:49AM
That sucks. I like Hansen. I'd like to see him fight in the UFC, and it would definately help that weight class. It sounds like, to me, the UFC isn't wanting to pay people, and maybe that's why Pride went under, paying the fighters too much, I don't know, but they should be paid. They make this sport and they spend their lives in a constant state of training. If they're only offering him half of what he made in Pride, something's wrong. That just isn't right. He's a damn good fighter who I'd like to see fight in the Cage. The UFC is quickly finding a way to alienate many fighters. This will all blow up in their face someday if things don't change.
9/26/07 1:15:30PM
They have definitely payed a lot of fighters more than they ever made in Pride. It's weird that they wouldn't want to pay Hansen his contracted purse. Maybe they don't value him as much as a lot of fans do. He is 2-3 in his last 5 fights, but he's also exciting, so I don't see a reason top not sign him.
9/26/07 4:58:02PM
cmon zuffa pay the man ....
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