Hector Lombard won't be fighting Mark Munoz after UFC 149, says UFC boss

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7/19/12 10:58:18PM
During interviews promoting Saturday's UFC 149 event, Hector Lombard said he would turn down a title shot and instead fight Mark Munoz.

But UFC president Dana White said the recent middleweight addition is missing one tiny detail.

"[Lombard] must not have FUEL TV because Munoz lost the other night," White told MMAjunkie.com at a pre-event press conference for UFC 149. "So if he wins on Saturday, I don't think he'll be fighting Mark Munoz."

7/19/12 11:48:50PM
Unless he looses, which I see as a good possibility.
7/20/12 12:17:20AM
Let me break out the Chael crystal ball......Hector will be dropping to WW in da near future
7/20/12 1:43:07AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Let me break out the Chael crystal ball......Hector will be dropping to WW in da near future

possible...but he's a stout dude though
7/20/12 2:05:56AM
Hector I think will win. But I think he is one of those guys that wins one then kind of gets phased out due to the up in competition

Overhyped imo.but I could be wrong
7/20/12 8:45:45AM
Hector is a big mw, he'd be bigger than Alves at ww. I don't see him moving down??. He has fought as high as lhw but did make his start fighting at welterweight. But he seems much to big to cut that much weight. It's almost like Cro Cop making lhw, maybe he can do it but he'd be gigantic at that weight class
7/20/12 10:41:03AM
Why is Lombard talking about fighting a guy that just looked horrible when he has a fight in a day? If he is underestimating Boetsch he is going to get crumpled via the Barbarian Clinch.

7/20/12 11:28:33AM
Why not, they'll both be coming off losses
7/20/12 2:18:03PM
I hope Boetsch knocks him out.
7/20/12 10:31:23PM
Lombard will lose via push kick
7/21/12 1:02:26AM
Lets get something straight....

FACT #1: Hector is very muscular (though looks like a smurf compared to virtually everyone in the division......Palhares is the same height and is more massive)

FACT #2: Hector is a small MW - - - I'm a little worried for Mr. T-Rex arms in this division - - - I'm telling ya, he could get away with it with his frame in Bellator, but I'm very skeptical about his time in the UFC @ 185.

He looked like he was about to get his milk money taken away from him by Tim at the weigh ins.
7/21/12 7:49:20PM
Really hope the Barbarian wins via KO
7/22/12 1:08:18AM
I think Dana needs to re-think this. Now that Lombard has lost, his hype has taken a hit. The can set up a fight between Munoz and Lombard and play the grudge factor and hype it up. Either Lombard wins and proves he belongs or he loses and is exposed. If Munoz wins he climbs back on the saddle for another shot at the title, if he loses then he drops further down the ladder
7/22/12 2:10:11AM
Looks like Hector might get his wish.. LOL, learn some lateral movement Stompard. Your footwork reminds me of 2003 Rampage Jackson. Too bad because the middleweight division needs a real contender badly.
7/22/12 2:59:23AM
His footwork reminds me of Frankenstein's monster.
7/24/12 5:14:06PM
look what bisping says about lombardd LOL

"who's this little poisoned dwarf.... he's in the wrong weight class" LOLOL
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