UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry Wants To Fight Again Before Year's End

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9/10/12 7:50:21PM

UFC heavyweight Pat Barry is one of the most entertaining fighters in and out of the Octagon. Unfortunately for Barry he has had mixed results in his UFC career, and is coming off a KO loss to hard-hitting Lavar Johnson at UFC on FOX 3. He hasn't fought since then but recently he was cleared to train again and is ready to go back into the ring before the end of 2012. (Via MMA Fight Corner)

Today, he said he was medically cleared about 6 days ago from the broken thumb he suffered in the Johnson fight, but then realized his shoulder was hurting following a practice. Pat waited a couple days to see if the pain would subside, but ending up having an MRI done that revealed he either has a torn labrum, or a detached labrum. He was supposed to receive the official results of that test today. Barry added he might have to get surgery, but plans to be back by the end of the year no matter what.

"I told Joe Silva already. I already sent him a message saying ‘I’m cleared by the doctor. I can start training again.’ He was like ‘Alright, great when will you be ready?’ I was like ‘this morning’. By the end of this year, I’m going to punch somebody in the face, whether it’s in the UFC or in Walgreens
9/10/12 8:07:43PM
Jeeez the way his last fight ended I thought he'd never want to fight again
9/10/12 8:41:08PM
He's a battler. I think if he was losing well (not getting KO'd first round every fight) the UFC should keep him round as long as possible, he's got a great attitude, interesting style, and everyone loves him. How many HWs do you see throwing leg kicks that fast with that power? Big fat zero.

He'll never be champ, but he makes a great mid level gatekeeper. Especially when HW grows.
9/11/12 9:29:27AM
Barry is always in entertaining fights but I just dont see him winning very many fights in the UFC's HW division.

Barry vs Shawn Jordan or del Rosario are some match ups that come to mind
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