Heavyweight Geronimo dos Santos out at UFC 153, Gabriel Gonzaga without opponent

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10/4/12 2:58:47PM
Heavyweight Geronimo dos Santos (31-14 MMA, 0-0 UFC) has been forced out of next week's UFC 153 event in Rio de Janeiro.

UFC officials today announced the scratch but did not reveal the reason for his removal.

That leaves Gabriel Gonzaga (13-6 MMA, 8-5 UFC) without an opponent for the card, but UFC officials did not announce whether a replacement fighter would be sought on such short notice.

Gonzaga could now potentially serve as a replacement opponent for Daniel Cormier at November's Strikeforce event, but Zuffa officials have yet to make an announcement for their intentions with "Napao."

10/4/12 3:26:24PM
Bring back Cro Cop for a rematch?
10/4/12 3:32:21PM
I hope they find a replacement for Gonzaga to face. There has to be a heavy weight out there willing to take the fight
10/4/12 3:58:51PM
Wow. This card has been smacked around hard with the injury bug.
10/4/12 4:12:08PM

I hope they get him replacement.
10/4/12 4:15:29PM
(31-14 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

thats a lot of experience outside the ufc, i have never heard of this guy before. hopefully he gets another chance so we can see how legit he is.
10/4/12 4:52:49PM
Here is the answer for the Cormier dilemna. Cormier vs. Gonzaga in Strikeforce. The timing works out perfectly.
10/4/12 4:53:26PM
if Struve is able to possibly take this fight on short notice (and WIN ) he'd be on the fast track to a title shot 4 sure
10/4/12 5:49:45PM
bring back Arlovski
10/4/12 6:46:13PM

Posted by Bubbles

bring back Arlovski

10/4/12 6:49:42PM
Wouldn't mind to se Cormier/Gonzaga just because I want Cormier to get that Strikeforce contrct shit over with and GG is a solid gatekeeper. Or put in Kongo or Rothwell or someone like that.
10/4/12 7:27:22PM
Cormier/Gonzaga. Wouldn't mind seeing this. Good test to see where Cormier will stack up when he does come over
10/4/12 11:16:32PM

Posted by Bubbles

bring back Arlovski

This.. and why not? he left Zuffa on a good note and all other HW's are held up.

Arlovski could beat a lot of those lower and mid tier guys in zuffa.
10/5/12 11:44:55AM
A week notice. I bet they scratch the fight.
Meat head would take the fight but doubt Ufc gives it to him

Maybe Shawn Jordan
10/5/12 3:01:03PM
Kongo or Pat Barry!
10/6/12 11:09:28AM
I'd fight him for 25,000 and my liscence reinstated I think striking wise i could win but on the ground he would destroy me so i would keep it on the wall and throw rexercuts as hard and as fast as i could/
10/6/12 3:32:41PM
I see Mitrione asked for this via twitter.
10/8/12 1:31:36PM
Guess Gabe is off the card now.
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