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10/25/07 10:10:39PM
With the recent win by the Maniac Tim Sylvia over Brandon Vera it leaves me wondering ...What can we expect next from the heavyweights??? I have a couple suggestions in where I think this might be heading.....

1) Big Nog VS. Kongo (winner faces Sylvia)

Ok now this being said I told myself " Self , who am I forgetting? " Not much has been seen or heard from former Heavyweight Champ Andrei Arlovski.
You may be asking yourself , well who will he fight? One fighter comes to mind for me........

2 ) Arlovski VS. Brock Lesner

Dana did say today that he was going to test Brock ......I can't think of a better welcoming gift to give him !!
10/25/07 10:11:58PM
rashad and bisping are light heavies, but yeah im guessing it will be big nog and kongo fighting next. and im hoping aa gets put in somewhere soon and he would definatley be a good hard test for lesnar.
10/25/07 10:21:08PM
sorry didnt meen to post that one.... trying to post serval topics
10/25/07 10:27:03PM
I think it's already pretty much set that Sylvia faces Big Nog for the vacat HW title. I think taht Kongo could face a guy like AA and the winner could face the winner of Nog/Sylvia fight.
10/25/07 10:37:22PM
arlovski needs to fight, he makes this division so much btter. without him the division is mediocre, with him its pretty good. plus there are a number of good fights for him, nog, kongo, vera, cc, gg. arlovski vs any one of those guys would be a huge fight.
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