UFC heavyweight Christian Morecraft announces MMA retirement

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3/27/13 11:14:45AM
Two years to the day from his last victory, UFC heavyweight Christian Morecraft on Tuesday announced his MMA retirement. Morecraft exits the sport on a two-fight skid. The 26-year-old started his career 6-0 before signing with the UFC.

3/27/13 11:51:09AM
Smart move by Morecraft. This is the kind of sport you have to be fully dedicated to, if his heads not in it anymore then best he walk away while he still can.

PS: I'll always love his guillotine over McCorkle
3/27/13 1:21:50PM
Best wishes for the dude in future.
3/27/13 2:08:24PM
Some guys start off hot against nobodies and then meet real competition and lose and quit. If he hasn't fought in a year from now I'll believe him just like every other MMA retirement.
3/27/13 4:17:10PM
It's a good decision IMO. He's been knocked out in 3 of his last 4 fights and it's not like his chin is going to be getting any better.
3/27/13 5:56:53PM
God speed and More Craft
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